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Our Commitment

The vision of Brewer Athletics will focus on growing programs built on a foundation of love, relationships, trust, & service to others. Programs must not only strive for athletic success but prepare young men & women for life after athletics. 

Parents & families will play a vital supporting role in this process and help create a positive, winning culture for our athletes.

Coaches are tasked with the growth and development of every athlete. This commitment supersedes the outcome of any contest.  When each athlete maximizes their potential, success follows.  No one will spend as much time, demand more sacrifice, or create more memories with our student-athletes than our coaches.  

Athletes will play the most significant role in this process.  It is their commitment to our teams, coaches, academics & community that will define us. The impact of one student-athlete can be the catalyst for positive change in the culture of a school and community.

Below are the commitments our Athletes, Coaches, and Parents are committed to and accountable for as they represent the WSISD community.

Together We Win